Recursion 2017 - 1st July 2017, Saturday - it's 4th Year
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    I got an email earlier today from Richard Barfoot, Head of Computer Science at KES School (King Edward Sixth) in Stratford Upon Avon (William Shakespeare's actual school) reminding me that they will be holding the 4th Recursion Event 2017 this year on Saturday, 1st July 2017, which is a FREE entry event and is open to the public from 1100hrs to 1600hrs.

    I attended in 2015 along with bootwb on behalf of MorphOS users in the UK - when I managed to find a little time to spare to offer others a glimpse of MorphOS running on Apple hardware which was running MorphOS v3.9 - is it nearly 2 years since we had a full update?

    I was too busy last year to attend, and in any case Richard forgot to let me know, and moreover it had slipped my mind at the time that there was a Recursion event in 2016, so I don't think anyone from the MorphOS community attended last year.

    It's a fascinating event, which offers a look at the current education systems teaching of computing, on Raspberry PI and other mainstream systems, to the practical use of hardware, including robots being programmed, and 'drones' doing acrobatical flying in the event hall programmed by the youths from the school's club(s). There is also an Amiga section in the Retro Computing area of the main hall, which usually attracts many younger members of the communityto try out these 'ancient' but really entertaining systems, like PSX 1, PS2, Amiga 500/+, A1200, Nintendo Entertainment systems, SNES brought along, in the main, by the Retro Computing Museum, who let anyone try them out with some retro games - and they are all fully populated - all day.

    There are food and soft drinks available on site for the public, and exhibitors alike, usually at reasonable prices.

    Last time I was there Nick Clover had his X1000 and OS4. There are also some of the members from the Amiga North Thames User (ANT) Group with lots of their Amiga hardware. Nigel Tromans from the AROS project with his associated hardware, and his Amiga hybrid A500 system. There are other groups, some of which are retro based like the Acorn RISC group all of whom are knowledgeable on their subject, and will let you try out the systems, and answer as many questions as they can.

    I am considering attending again this year with some of my MorphOS capable hardware - anyone else interested in going? :-D

    I would hope by July 2017 I would be able to offer to exhibit MorphOS v3.10, otherwise it would be the same hardware and OS. :-(
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