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    I have bought PowerMac G4 comaptible with hardware requirements described on the Morph-OS team page. After that i downloaded the MorphOS3.9 iso file for the Apple computers. Burned the iso image with imgburn software and tried boot it up ...

    ... and , no chance boot it up.

    Ok. i heard on the #macosx IRC channel that the DVD drive in my PowerMac can be non-compatible with the CD-R media i have used. Problem is that i have no password to the PowerMac MacOS X system what instaled there and i cant check it.

    OK. Lest try the USB install version.

    i did all step by step as its described in the install manual. opened OF and used the command for booting up the boot.img with the morphos.iso.

    i did get this screen first


    second after that came this


    after this i started experimenting with the partitioning my USB to the 250MB, later to 500MB, but i did get ALLWAYS message "cant open the boot.img" as here https://morph.zone/modules/newbb_plus/viewtopic.php?topic_id=11569&forum=3

    Thats my experience for now
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    Can you list the flash drive contents using OpenFirmware?

    As for OSX - there are certain ways to get rid of that password. Just use Google.
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