Subscribing to threads
  • Cocoon
    Posts: 56 from 2016/3/9
    If I write a post in desktop mode (actually phone in landscape) there's a check box for notify by email. That doesn't appear in mobile mode. Additionally, beyond the one opportunity to subscribe to a thread when creating a post there doesn't seem to be a way to just subscribe to a thread without posting to it.

    Wm I just missing something?
  • »07.02.17 - 03:35
  • Just looking around
    Posts: 1 from 2022/12/5
    Odd that this has not been answered.

    Newbie here and i cant find a subscribe to a thread or forum on desktop or via mobile.
    Is this a known omission or browser specific?
  • »05.12.22 - 16:21