FS: Mac mini G4 with defective GPU for free (no license)
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    I'd like to give away for free (plus shipping costs) a silent upgrade Mac mini G4 that recently has got a permanent GPU problem (video (sorry for the low resolution)). This problem may be eliminable, or delayable at least, by reflowing the solder between GPU and board using heat.
    The machine comes without MorphOS license, as it has been transferred to a replacement machine (thank you, MorphOS team), and also without any other OS.

    - defective GPU or GPU soldering
    - 64 MiB VRAM
    - 1.5 GHz CPU
    - 1 GiB RAM
    - 250 GB HDD
    - Superdrive
    - AirPort Extreme, Bluetooth

    Edit: Sold.

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