Anyone keeping up with Tower 57?
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    I'm not monitoring any forums these days but coincidentially today is an exception because of this Cherry-Darling issue :-P
    Positive aspect of this is that I just saw this topic here and can answer it immediately ;-)

    Porting it won't take long.
    From the type and amount of work to do it is comparable to the BattleSquadron backport which only took me some days until it worked (although I spent some more weeks on enhancing it after all). And back then I had no experience with NG Amigas and no framework...

    No, unless the Tower57 guys did real weird things (and they promised to give me clean stuff) it will not take long.
    However, I didn't get the source-code yet, I asume they are working on the last 5%-10% of the game... much like I with Wings Remastered ;-)
    Luckily the OpenGLES2 construction site has been finished some two weeks ago, so I'm more or less prepared to handle Tower57 in parallel :-)

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    I just played my beta a bit yesterday. Looks cool but I'm not really gaming person to be honest ;) EDIT: Just to be clear, I have OSX version.

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    MorphOS 3.x
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