SOLVED Cherry Darling (Ace of Hearts) Paid but NO GAME
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    glad it works for you - and glad everyone is happy now :-)
    Really sorry about all this.
    And rest asured: I find it okay that you wrote this post here. After all you tried all official ways to resolve this and failed, so this was the only remaining option from your side.

    Yes, I guess I would have done the same, also to warn others. Although I probably would have been a bit less "hard", like what amigadave said. Something like "anybody knows what's up with those guys?".
    But well, I understand your move nevertheless. Once you reached some frustration-level it's not invalid to select the apropriate words IMHO and people simply react and act different, so I'd say your post was reasonable - and I for myself have no problem with it :-)

    The Cherry-Darling project is pretty much dead, I'm working by myself for now under my own label
    Current projects are what Yasu just said:
    - porting "Wings Remastered" to all NG Amiga flavours (almost done TM , two more weeks TM :-P )
    - porting "Tower 57" to all NG Amiga flavours (not started yet, waiting for the PC version to be completed)

    And this OpenGLES2 for AmigaOS4 / RadeonHD SI (finished (well, as far as possible with the current Warp3D Nova state)), but this is of course not relevant to MorphOS.

    Happy birthday :-)
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    dude..check out Tower 57. It looks bad ass.
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    amigadave wrote:

    I'm not saying you are wrong for doing what you thought was necessary to warn other users, but I wish users of any Amiga, or Amiga inspired platforms would realize that our community no longer has a viable commercial market, and most, if not all software and hardware projects are being done by 1 or 2 individuals, not a company of many people, or a store, also with many employees, which can more quickly resolve problems with deliveries, quality control issues, bug fixes, etc. ...... So, my suggestion to all users buying software and hardware products for our hobby computers is to be more patient, and make an extra effort to resolve the problem, before starting threads like this one.

    I waited for a month - at which point I had to initiate a PayPal claim/dispute or lose the money I sent, and get nothing, so I chose the latter, after I had already sent a few emails to Cherry Darling, Markus Kunkel - with no reply. PayPal sent 2 messages as well, and they too got no reply, so on that basis I made the decision to post here for others to be aware of these circumstances, and be cautious if they sent any money.

    I don't propose to give you details of what I was told by Daniel in a PM, but suffice to say that I was most likely never going to get a reply from Cherry Darling nor were PayPal ever likely to get a response from Cherry Darling/Markus Kunkel. So I feel vindicated anyway.

    This is just so you know that as many avenues to contact the author had been attempted before this thread was initiated, but I am ever so grateful to Daniel for his excellent/speedy response and complimentary issue of the full game . . . how often do you get that type of fix?
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    Like I wrote in my post, I wasn't saying that you did anything wrong, I was only telling you what I might have done, and suggesting an alternative course of action. You of course, are free to communicate any way you wish, and approach any recurrences of this problem with other people the exact same way that you did this time. All I meant with my post is that I would have first tried to get alternate methods to contact any of the Cherry Darling owners/employees/partners, by asking here and elsewhere, then if I was still unsuccessful, I would have shared a warning with others on a public forum site.

    I would have done the same as you with PayPal, as the clock was running out for you to act. Each person can react to situations differently, and there is never just one correct course of action for everyone.
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