OpenVPN Bounty $7,500
  • Just looking around
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    I'll pay out $7,500 to the first user who can write and provide a link to a working port of OpenVPN. It must be tested and validated functional and as bug free as possible. IPsec would be nice too, but will settle for OpenVPN. Would add so much more to morphOS.

    to the victor goes the spoils!
  • »01.06.16 - 03:13
  • ASiegel
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    From: Central Europe
    This seems like a nice offer, but, just making sure, did you know that there are routers that have OpenVPN built-in?
  • »01.06.16 - 05:06
  • MorphOS Developer
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    Or that you can use SSH tunneling (check ssh -L usage) which is enough for all my use cases.
  • »01.06.16 - 10:51
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