Any movie file to Amiga CDXL format
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    Thanks for the CDXL player for MorphOS. Now Ive tried it and I've also tried playing CDXL files in MPlayer with great success. Thanks itix!

    Now my question is about converting any movie files to the CDXL fileformat. It would be nice to have such tool for MorphOS as there are none. A one more good reason to get MorphOS?

    Here is a Anime CDXL project which interests me:

    I've tried to download, but it seems like OWB cant get the files from the MEGA server?

    Is it possible to use mencoder for this job? Or any ideas? I know this is very oldschool thing to ask for, but it is neat to see video in HAM8 mode running on A1200 030 50MHz machine.
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