Any IDEFix express "Revision 2" owners here?
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    I have recently received an IDEFix express revision 2 system and i think that there is a problem with it and MOS!
    MorphOS frequently fails to reset my PCMCIA ethernet card and i have to reboot my Amiga several times until the reset works, or just to replug the card.
    I have used MOS with the old revision of IDEFix express and also the bult-in IDE port of my Amiga 1200 for a long time and i NEVER experienced this problem!

    One difference that i noticed between the rev. 2 and the original one, is that the CardReset patch is no longer requiered in AmigaOS!
    It appears that the manufacturer of Rev. 2 has implemented the harware "Gayle Reset fix", which seems to get in the way with the built-in, software PCMCIA reset of MOS and causes this reset failure.
    I would appreciate any feedback on this.

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