FS: PCIe Sapphire Radeon X1600 Pro for G5 11,2
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    I put it on ebay and you may get it for a really low price: https://www.ebay.de/itm/374695331532

    I had it on my G5 11,2 and it works really well on MorphOS 2D + 3D fully supported. Also works on Linux 2D/3D (but r300 mesa 3D driver has glitches on Linux).

    It's PC-BIOS so you need another MacBIOS card in primary PCIe graphics slot if you want OpenFirmaware access. But as this card is single-slot and does not need an additional power connector it can be put in 2nd PCIe graphics slot easily.

    Only drawback: Fan noise. It's much quieter than the X1950 series, but compared to a passive card it's loud. ;-)

    Mind that this is a PCIe card and will only work on the G5 11,2 but not in the G5 7,2 or 7,3!
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