Calendar weekdays not visible in Clock-Calendar screenbar
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    I have been puzzling over, and trying to work out why the Calendar days of the week are no longer visible in my Clock-Calendar screenbar module/preferences? There is no information in the v3.10 MorphOS Library for this update as to those then new features and what affects it displaying the days of the week, and how to amend such a feature as the fonts/colours of the days of the week. :-?

    There does not seem to be an option to affect the fonts in the screenbar preferences for this module that would or could make them visible on some screens and yet not visible on others. :-?

    I have my options in the Clock screenbar module preferences set as %A, %d %b %Y, %X, so the Days of the week (%A) should show, but they only seem to show on my SCANdal v1.10 screen.

    Virtually all my RadeonX600 MUI 1680 x 1050 x 24-bit screens don't show the days of the week, and yet on my SCANdal 1.10 screen the days of the week show up as red, but I cannot figure out why they do show on that screen yet don't on the others? :-?

    Anyone any suggestions as to how to resolve this issue? 8-D

    I know it will probably be something simple to fix it, I just cannot work out what I need to change to resolve it. :-(
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    What screenbar is left from clock.sbar? 3rd party?

    A screenshot of both screens would help.

    Screenbars are the same on all screens, even if they are different instances of MUI objects, so chances are high that a 3rd party screenbar is doing something wrong.

    Screenbars require to follow some rules and specific stuff, which works in applications, is hard to implement and a source for many crashes and unwanted behavior.

    However. The absence of the weekday would be a strange screenbar bug.
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    All I can confirm is that "%A, %d %b %Y, %X" is pretty much the default setting and it shows "Sunday, 08 Jan 2023, XX:XX:XX" just fine here.
    Maybe the text gets overwritten by any of the other screenbars in your title bar? What happens if you just run the clock screenbar?
    Do you run the screens with enhanced display enabled or off ?
    There is no way to configure fonts and/or colours in clock screenbar prefs afaict and the options it offers are pretty much self explaining if you open the related format popup.
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