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    Yokemate of Keyboards
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    > there are some old Warp3D software [...] that would be more comfortable
    > for me to use with this A4000 rather than loading them from AmigaOS3.9

    Regarding old Warp3D software, there will be TinyRave for your MorphOS machines with R300+ GPU :-)
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    Paladin of the Pegasos
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    From: po-RNO

    KennyR wrote:
    Edit: and NO, you still aren't going to get far with a 90s HDD even if it has a wide SCSI interface. Period.

    Wouldn't like to continue with this, but just curious why do you think people would restrict to 90s HDDs? There are newer (UW) SCSI HDDs with good capacity, and as said several times, with adapters you can get newer/bigger/cheaper devices connected too.

    For example, I have IBM Ultrastar 18 GB SCSI HDD in my A1200 and I think it's from 2003 or so, my Peg1 has WD 320 GB PATA HDD from late 00s which would work in my SCSI setup just fine with an adapter. I also have a SCA adapter to connect newer standard SCSI devices to an older bus. I don't know if there'd be any issues connecting these more modern SSDs that we use on PPC Macs either?
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  • Paladin of the Pegasos
    Paladin of the Pegasos
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    over 1000 people attended??? WOW! I wish I could go to one of these. What are the attendance numbers for Amiwest?
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