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    Thought it'd share some of the stuff I keep on github these days. Will post here if new examples/projects pop up there.

    https://github.com/jacadcaps/gamepadlib gamepad lib is a simplified way of accessing gamepads and joysticks via sensors.library. Everything is mapped as a x360 gamepad for convenience.

    https://github.com/jacadcaps/multimediatags A simple tool to dump file's meta data using Reggae.

    https://github.com/jacadcaps/stackvector A C++ example of a vector that can either use stack or heap to provide temporary storage, along with some ObjectiveC++ examples to optimize OBArray enumeration. Uses a technique commonly used in gamedev (using stack for storage of objects that were also allocated on stack).
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    Great! Thanks keep them coming!


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    Nice Jacadcaps!!!
    Example code always are helpful!

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    I love examples created by masters of code.
    Thank you! 👍
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