DosBox performance on MorphOS/Powerbook
  • Butterfly
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    DosBox tells me that CD0:/ doesn't exist.

    For me on os4 that part ok, it says it exists, just when I mount it and tried to do "Dir" in the mounted virtual drive I have the same issues as you show. But in any case it just about "/" thing at end. I created BZ on DOSBox-staging repo (those guys always help me with all the related issues with os4 port), and once they will deal with it properly that can be added in both our ports:
  • »19.03.20 - 09:16
  • MorphOS Developer
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    From: Poland
    Hi All, i updated Dosbox jit to the latest SVN sources:

    Dosbox JIT

    - added 2nd overlay mode: "overlay2", this mode requires new powersdl.library (included in the archive), please check both overlay and overlay2 output
    - fixes for cdrom and track playing (using sdl_sound - it wasnt tested, so report if it doesnt work).

    - this version sadly still has some problems with speed, i got either 15.2 fps or ~24 fps, don't know why
  • »19.05.20 - 19:35
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