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    MiniGL Reloaded almost done.
    If you look at the video it appears to be a complete replacement minigl.library so no wrappers.So everything is going through ogles2.library (Including gl4es) or direct to Warp3DNova .
    MiniGl Reloaded Video


    Yes, MiniGL Reloaded. Guess what: almost done (here's an old early video of it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ceFVXagrafQ )

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    > if a newer GCC comes out like is happening on AROS,
    > Mesa can be ported from there.

    AFAIK, AROS has Mesa 12 from 2016. MorphOS has GCC 6.4 from 2017. Why would an even newer GCC be required to port Mesa 12?
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