[bounty] Port Ambient together with MUI to Linux
  • Yokemate of Keyboards
    Yokemate of Keyboards
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    From: Germany
    > What's the point of this bounty if MUI isn't open source then?
    > You'd have to gain access to the sources before doing anything.

    The thread starter may have intended the bounty proposal for someone who has access to the MUI source code. Just a guess.
  • »19.12.17 - 18:09
  • ASiegel
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    From: Central Europe
    @ Kokos

    Please do not take any snarky comments too seriously. While others have correctly pointed out that the initial proposal is unlikely to be achievable (and perhaps undesirable for various reasons), I think it is great that you offered to contribute a notable amount of funding for development work that you considered to be worthwhile.
  • »19.12.17 - 20:55