Quick Links, what do you want?
  • Targhan
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    From: USA
    What sort of quick links does everyone want to see on the top bar here? (for the basic theme)

    I'm fairly sure that I'm ditching "Your Account" since it's a bit redundant, and replacing "Forum" with the "40 posts." I'm also going to put up a link to MOS-News. So, what else should stay, and what should go?

    MorphOS portal? www.MorphZone.org
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  • Moderator
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    From: Sweden
    www.pegasosworld.se ;-)
    Best wishes, Gunne
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  • Order of the Butterfly
    Order of the Butterfly
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    How about a link to the Mos Development site?
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  • Order of the Butterfly
    Order of the Butterfly
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    katos1, that was awesome :hammer:

    ..there will be only one left.
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