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    I have just replaced the v1.6 with v1.7, but I have to say that v1.7 does not seem to display the information window correctly.

    It does initially open the information bubble-info' window soon after it has been launched and you go to the menubar, BUT, once you have seen the 'bubble-info' window it does not seem to want to display it again until some other activity has occurred on the screen you are using, such as typing into a requester, or inputting some data into a URL field, etc, but it will not display the 'bubble-info' once it has displayed it once, UNTIL some other action has occurred on the screen that triggers it to respond again, which seems wrong. Even if I wait for about 20 seconds, which in any case would be far too long a wait for the 'bubble-information' to 'pop-up' it does not do so in a reasonable amount of time, so the delay issue is causing some sort of re-display issue/problem that now appears to need fixing.

    It correctly re-positions itself on the menubar as/when I open/close other utilities like Jukebox but the re-display issue seems to be a new problem.

    I tried the Update - middle mouse button option, which worked correctly, and opens the 'you are already using the latest version of yWeather.sbar' requester in the centre of the screen, but with no option to Snapshot where it opens on future occasions on the screen, so a SNAPSHOT/UNSNAPSHOT option for that requester within the MUI options really could do with implementing so that the requester can be displayed close to the yWeather menubar area. That is so you don't have to move the mouse to the centre area of the screen every time to close the requester.

    There is strangely an option to ICONIFY the requester, but I cannot imagine EVER wanting to Iconify the requester, as all I would ever want to do would be to close it, once I have been informed if there is an update or not.

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