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    NewSense wrote:

    Yasu wrote:

    I actually liked that you would see detailed information the moment you put the pointer over the bar. Maybe you could make it optional?

    I agree, I think the option of either instantaneous, OR delayed. Though why you want it delayed - other than for when you might accidentally move over the yWeather part of the menu bar to prevent activating it then I don't otherwise see the reason for wanting a delay, but probably that's the reason some others want the delayed display of the yWeather information.

    I got annoyed because it jumped up all the time when I was going to use other modules. I use debug and volume modules quite much for example.. and depth gadget... and I seem to drag the mouse anywhere to top border of the screen and then move the pointer more exact position :)

    If optional isn't that easy to do, maybe there could be done some rethinking how it's used. Maybe it could be show the detailed bubble with left mouse button (almost as fast as shown immediately automatically) and force refresh with some other button?
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