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    Yasu wrote:

    I actually liked that you would see detailed information the moment you put the pointer over the bar. Maybe you could make it optional?

    I agree, I think the option of either instantaneous, OR delayed. Though why you want it delayed - other than for when you might accidentally move over the yWeather part of the menu bar to prevent activating it then I don't otherwise see the reason for wanting a delay, but probably that's the reason some others want the delayed display of the yWeather information.

    I was just using v1.6 - prior to updating to v1.7 .............. by the way ............. THANKS ......
    When I noticed that when I changed from one screen Ambient, where I had updated/refreshed the weather information, but when I switched to OWB, which I run on another MUI screen, the weather information had NOT been updated/refreshed, and needed to be updated/refreshed on that screen as well.

    So, I was not sure if you know about this issue, or if it has been remedied in v1.7, because now I have updated the weather, it has not changed in the last few minutes so I cannot tell if the program now updates each running instance of the program, whichever screen it may be working/running on.

    Hope this helps, and once again THANKS for an excellent little utility. 8-D
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