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    jacadcaps wrote:

    igracki wrote:
    I added now a "Width" setting, but I don't really know how to update the width in realtime...
    I tried MUI_Redraw(obj, MADF_DRAWOBJECT/UPDATE), but this doesn't work...jaca?
    You have to press the "Test" button, to update the width for now;(

    You need to trigger a relayout by doing a MUIM_GroupInitChange and MUIM_Group_Exitchange on the _parent(obj) of your sbar.

    Thanks! Works like a charm!
    And how can I trigger a MUIM_CleanUp/MUIM_SetUp?
    I need it to update the input handler for the rate of the automatic weather reload.

    How can I be notified when the user pressed the "Use" or "Save" button?
    I think it would be better to change the update-interval of the input handler then, instead of everytime the user changes the value.
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