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    Brumiga wrote:
    Hello guys,

    I have got yweather working successfully on my pegasos 2 and on my powermac g4. But on powermac g4 I obtain at every boot a warning message. Here is what it says. And here is the log obtained by debug. Then I click on 'okay', I go and click on the program. It indicates 'updating' and I obtain the weather for my town.


    Failed to create http.stream.object!
    URL = "weather.yahooapis.com/forecastrss?w=000000&u=c"

    Are you sure, you started yWeather in s:user-network-startup not s:user-startup?

    Seems so, that the network is not up on first update!

    Also your WOEID is 0, thats strange.

    Anyway, I "transformed" yWeather to a real sbar now. I'll have to do some tests before you can try it.
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