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    ... working successfully on my pegasos 2 and on my powermac g4. But on powermac g4...

    First: MorphOS is not OS4. MorphOS is the same on all systems and behaves the same. That is why there is only one ISO, to keep all systems in line and on equal state. If something fails, then it does not depend on the system unless it requires some specific driver/feature, which is not fully implemented or available on a specific system.

    Usually such things can be caused GFX driver or the lack of memory. So if a complete hardware independant application fails, it is highly unlikly a problem with MorphOS on that specific system, unless it is not up to date.


    Failed to create http.stream.object!
    URL = "weather.yahooapis.com/forecastrss?w=000000&u=c"

    In this case it seems you have a broken/not up to date reggae installation. Make sure you installed latest MorphOS, as http.stream is part of the os. Removing obsolete classes from sys:classes/multimedia cannot hurt. AFAIR there are no external classes anymore, since they got integrated.

    Also possible the given url is simply wrong, the server is offline or your system is not online, when launching the tool. Cannot remember right now when it fails in such condition.


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