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    It's not a screenbar module, it's a separate program which has to be run from shell or S:user-network-startup etc. It really would be nicer as a real screenbar module, but I don't know why author hasn't made it like that.

    From its readme:

    - copy contents of "SYS" to SYS:
    These are the icons for the weather conditions.
    I used VClouds from http://vclouds.deviantart.com/ and resized them
    to 16 pixels height with ShwoGirls.

    You can replace them with your own images.

    - copy "yWeather" anywhere, f.e. C:.

    If you want to start "yWeather" on startup, you can add it to your s:user-network-startup
    with "Run >NIL: c:yWeather"

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