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    rebraist wrote:
    Comics! is the first (and for now) unique CBR/CBZ-jpg/png comic book reader on Amigoid Platforms. It's already avilable for Aros, and I've started a port to morphos; soon I'll start os4 port.
    It's totally MUI/ZUNE based, totally amiga, originally written with a notepad and a gcc compiler on aros, now I'm using scribble and gcc. There's no nix/windows/osx libraries, it uses datatypes to open and handle images.
    You can navigate through pages with mouse and keyboard and rotate, resize the pages to better view on netbooks.
    I put comics! on wikipedia:
    Morphos version is not available for the download, but as mos version gets more bugless i'll make it available.


    Some images from morphos (3.5) version!
    Comic Images are copyright of DC Comics.



    Oh yes, finally da CBR! Thanks. Where to donate?
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