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    redrumloa wrote:

    Sure they are separate ;-) ;-) But seriously, thanks for the links.

    Sweet jebus #1
    The A-Eon side is in £673,400 in debt as of 2015 (probably higher in 2016)!

    Sweet jebus #2
    I didn't realize Brexit hurt the pound as much as it has!

    Is it just how much it owes Trevor, I assume he's the still the main financier. He admitted early on that the X1000 would never make back it's development costs but I though future products were supposed to pay for themselves, so logically the liabilities would increase.

    The drop in the price of the pound wouldn't have had much of an effect because production took place before the referendum and Varisys is a British company.
    Of course, it will mean that they pay more for the services of their overseas software developers.

    The drop in prices makes their products more attractively priced to overseas customers.

    Where it has more of an effect is Amigakit because more of their products are sourced from inside the Eurozone but Matt has always had to deal with currency fluctuations so nothing new there.
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