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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > How long have A-Eonkit been sitting on pallets of Nemo boards
    > and pallets of Tabor boards?

    X1000/Nemo had finally been sold out in 2015, 3½ years after commercial launch.

    I guess I'm using the wrong term for the X5000 boards sitting on a pallet. I struggle to follow such things as they only interest me in the mildest of curiosities and so many years pass.


    A-Eon Technology Ltd. and Leaman Computing Ltd. ("AmigaKit") are separate companies. Financials are as follows:


    Sure they are separate ;-) ;-) But seriously, thanks for the links.

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    The A-Eon side is in £673,400 in debt as of 2015 (probably higher in 2016)!

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    I didn't realize Brexit hurt the pound as much as it has!

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