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    I've updated the Roadshow morphos installer to include the new config files for added hardware that came in update 1.8

    After every ethernet spesific config files you install, it also asks to open up the file with ed (mossys:c/ed) so you can
    change to static ip and netmask or just skip this to stay with default DHCP.

    Added option to automatic import the host entries and nameserver/dns from your existing Netstack config files and replaces
    the commented out lines with # char as Roadshow requires for comments (Netstack uses ; for comments)

    Added switching of Roadshow / Netstack on or off , by renaming SYS:S/network-startup(Roadshow) / MOSSYS:S/network-startup(Netstack)
    Whatever stack you enable is displayed visually in the main menu.

    Makes installing Roadshow as easy as tapping a few keystrokes, as most of your existing network configuration can be imported into Roadshow.


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