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    from the readme :

    Tiny Roadshow update with improved MorphOS support (15.1.2013)

    Thank you for being so tenacious in giving Roadshow 68k a try
    under MorphOS :-)

    The archive which this README file is a part of contains an updated
    "AddNetInterface" command, as well as two new network interface
    configuration files for use with the Pegasos/Pegasos II or Apple
    computer hardware ("VIA-Rhine" and "SunGEM", respectively).

    If you already have Roadshow 68k (commercial release, or demo version)
    installed, please replace your old "AddNetInterface" command (that
    would be version 4.49) with the new command included in this archive
    (the new version should be 4.52). The new version brings the respective
    network interface online before starting the DHCP configuration. This
    means that bringing the network interface's device driver online with
    the "online" command should no longer be required.

    The example network interface configuration files "VIA-Rhine" and
    "SunGEM" can be copied into the "SYS:Storage/NetInterfaces" drawer,
    or "DEVS:NetInterfaces" (whichever you prefer), in case you do not
    have your network interfaces set up differently already. These two
    files are provided for your convenience.

    If you have any questions, please visit http://www.apc-tcp.de/support/0042e.php
    and the associated support forum (click on the link at the bottom of the page).

    The update can be downloaded for free on the Support homepage Roadshow.

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