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    I have posted plenty of useful things showing that Andreas is full of shit, and just needs to make up stuff to cry about. And I'm gonna do it again now.

    I'm gonna present two scenarios.

    Scenario 1: The by now infamous presentation was done with the default Quake 3 setttings. As I have shown above, it's possible to get very close to the infamous 140 FPS with the default Quake 3 settings.

    Scenario 2: The by now still infamous presentation was done with all settings maxed out, with a non-default resolution, and while MorphOS 3.0 contains a completely new TinyGL with a completely new driver, the MorphOS team, wanting to keep all the best stuff for themselves, decided to intentionally cripple the driver and take out everything that makes it fast, in part just to spite Andreas.

    Which of these two scenarios seem more likely to you? If you're a troll, you'll likely go with scenario 2. If you're likely to score more than 60 on an IQ test, you might go with scenario 1.
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