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    > Andreas, I once again have to urge you to start a blog.

    So I once again have to reject your urging.

    > breaking the news to the world that MorphOS 2.7 existed in October 2010.

    Yeah, make that "MorphOS 2.6 driver" then. Thanks for the note. And I also have one for you: The presentation was held in November, not in October ;-P
    Or do you want to claim that there is a difference between the R200 3D drivers of MorphOS 2.7 vs. MorphOS 2.6 regarding 3D performance? If yes, would you please provide proof of that? If no, then it doesn't matter for the questions at hand and the MorphOS 2.7 driver is as good as the MorphOS 2.6 one to provide the answer. After all, it was you who used the 2.7 driver to unsuccessfully make a point in a discussion about performance improvement of the 3.0 driver over the 2.6 driver.

    P.S. Not that it matters, but the real base value is that from the MorphOS 2.4 driver, as the 2010 improvement refers to the prior improvement that was shown a year before, i.e. in 2009.
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