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    > Can't really tell. We're talking about texture quality, vertex/lightmap
    > shadows and so on (everything you can disable through the in-game
    > menu). [...] I can't remember what were the settings on the video
    > (I need to see it again, not sure if the settings screen was shown at
    > all), that surely cannot be spotted by just watching the gameplay.

    Fair enough. I think the settings screen wasn't shown.
    I guess in order to know whether MorphOS 3.0 contains the 2010 driver or not, it remains only to be tested if at those same settings, the MorphOS 2.7 driver only reaches about 46.7 FPS. If it reaches more, then we can conclude that higher settings were used during the presentation, and thus the MorphOS 3.0 driver would not be the one from 2010.
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