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    > You really should start a blog.

    Your wish is taken note of, but I won't comply, sorry.

    > I'm sure there are many people who'd like to hear you talk about how
    > poorly MorphOS performs

    People won't read that from me, neither in my blog (which doesn't exist) nor here on MorphZone.

    > benchmarked by someone who is doing things wrong

    Why should I talk about your benchmarks in a blog of mine?

    > compared to how the voices in your head tell you MorphOS should
    > perform.

    Guruman who told about 140 FPS in 800x600 resolution resides in my head? Interesting theory.

    > Go for it.

    I won't, sorry.

    > I hear there are many sites out there these days that make it easy to
    > start a blog. Here is a link for you to get you started.

    What use is that link to someone who doesn't want to start a blog?
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