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    > Andreas, you sure are quick at making up bullshit.

    As for example?

    > you decided that your guess as to what hardware is faster for running
    > Quake 3 is the one true truth

    Huh? Care to quote me on that?

    > you have also decided that your guess as to what Quake 3 settings
    > were used is absolute gospel

    Huh? Care to quote me on this alleged guess of mine? The only one setting I ever mentioned here is the screen resolution of 800x600, which is what was reported back then by others, not by me. Do you think those reports are wrong?

    > you have decided that my results are invalid

    Huh? Care to quote me on that? I merely asked you whether your hardware and game settings were comparable to what was used in 2010. Are they? Yes or no? Or will you dodge this question once more?

    > because I specified exactly what I did and on what hardware

    Where and when did you specify your screen resolution?

    > thus not being accurate enough for you

    The deviations we're talking about here are far too great to be the result of missing accuracy.

    > while your own wild imagination is good enough to be considered
    > absolute truth.

    Care to quote me on my "own wild imagination"?

    > Because one person is reporting being unable to get higher FPS

    It was 3 (verbal three) persons, Mr. liar: redrumloa, Cim and koszer.

    > quite likely because of random modifications done to said person's
    > system or setup

    So you say redrumloa, Cim and koszer made an arrangement of some obscure kind?

    > you discard all reports of things working exactly as expected.

    Care to point out all those reports that are reporting a Quake 3 frame rate of about 140 FPS at 800x600 resolution on a 1.5 GHz Mac mini and with game settings that resemble those that can be assumed from the 2010 videos? I surely must have missed them.

    > Can't you for once in your life realise that all your spamming was
    > for nothing

    As this thread has proof of, my "spamming" as you call it was not for nothing.

    > all you're doing by continuing your crying parade

    There is it again, your fantasy about me crying. You can't just let it go, can you?

    > is spam everyone with useless messages?

    That's what you have been doing, Mr. liar, right from the beginning.

    > you can make all the sensationalist messages such as "OMG, I swear, some guy
    > reports that Quake 3 on MorphOS 3 only achieved 4 FPS(*), which is less than the
    > 666FPS promised 2 years ago. (*) system was running in unregistered slowdown mode."?

    Make that "2 guys report that Quake 3 on MorphOS 3 only achieves 50 to 80 FPS, which is less than the 140 FPS reported 2 years ago", and it makes even sense.
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