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    > Andreas, 84.6 FPS + 200% = 253.8 FPS. Don't claim you didn't say this.

    But I do, see: I didn't say this. The only one of those figures I mentioned here is the "200%" one, which is what was reported in 2010:

    "That's roughly 50% better than last year, that in turn was already 100% faster than what we have in the public version of MorphOS..."

    Do your math and you'll see that this would amount to a 200% improvement, as (1+1)*1.5-1 = 2.
    Now we know that the frame rate after this 200% improvement was reported as 140 FPS. Calculating the base value, we can see that the frame rate with the older released driver must have been (around, as 140 is probably a rounded figure) 140/3 = 46.7 FPS.
    Now, as to why you get as much as alleged 84.6 FPS under alleged similar conditions (hardware specs AND game settings) others obviously got only 46.7 FPS (i.e. little more than half of your result) under, I don't know. Do you have an explanation?
    Fact remains, and can easily be seen, that both FPS figures "84.6" and "253.8" came from you alone and your claim those were my figures is a lie.
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