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    Good Lord, Andreas, you sure are quick at making up bullshit. Not only have you decided that your guess as to what hardware is faster for running Quake 3 is the one true truth, you have also decided that your guess as to what Quake 3 settings were used is absolute gospel, and you have decided that my results are invalid because I specified exactly what I did and on what hardware, thus not being accurate enough for you, while your own wild imagination is good enough to be considered absolute truth. Because one person is reporting being unable to get higher FPS, quite likely because of random modifications done to said person's system or setup, you discard all reports of things working exactly as expected. Can't you for once in your life realise that all your spamming was for nothing, and all you're doing by continuing your crying parade is spam everyone with useless messages?

    Seriously, how about you start up that blog so you can make all the sensationalist messages such as "OMG, I swear, some guy reports that Quake 3 on MorphOS 3 only achieved 4 FPS(*), which is less than the 666FPS promised 2 years ago. (*) system was running in unregistered slowdown mode."?
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