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    > Andreas is back to whining

    And you're still mistakenly taking my corrections of your nonsense and my questions as whining.

    > that I only got 122FPS and not 140FPS

    False. I was asking you if both those results were achieved under comparable conditions like hardware specs and game settings. You chose to not answer that question, which speaks volumes.

    > being busy calling the 15% difference a wide margin.

    Wrong again. With "wide margin" a was referring to the difference between 2010's 140 FPS and koszer's reported 78.5 FPS under comparable conditions, not your 122 FPS.

    > he is now claiming that he was promised

    In your head. I've not even used the word "promise", liar.

    > to get 253.8FPS, a new wild claim.

    By you that is, Mr. liar.

    > I guess that every time Andreas is proven wrong

    ...which happened not even once in this thread.

    > he has to make up some new outrageous claim to continue to have
    > something to cry about.

    The only one here making up stupid claims is you, as you keep proving with each and every posting you utter.
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