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    All there is to it, Koszer, is that Andreas Wolf is trolling and you're feeding him.

    I dusted off my Quake 3 CD and burned a new copy of MorphOS 2.7 and went on to do some testing. I followed Piru's instructions and did setenv TGLSYNC 0 and used /r_primitives 2 for testing on MorphOS 3.0. I left all Quake 3 settings at their defaults to avoid crying over that Quake 3 settings affect frame rates (*GASP*, *SHOCK*, *HORROR*)

    MorphOS 2.7: 72.8 FPS
    MorphOS 3.0: 104.5 FPS
    Speedup: 44%

    I then tried the same test but this time with sound disabled in Quake 3:

    MorphOS 2.7: 84.6 FPS
    MorphOS 3.0: 122.0 FPS
    Speedup: 44%

    Now enter Andreas Wolf crying that 122 FPS is less than 140 FPS, but the fact is that for Quake 3 MorphOS 3.0 is 44% faster than MorphOS 2.7.
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