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    > Andreas, I know you like to blah blah every criticism of your crap to death

    The only one uttering blah blah in this thread has been you and no one else. Your blah blah has been accompanied by false statements, intentional false statements (i.e. lies), misconceptions and ad hominem attacks.

    > so I'm simply gonna conclude that you choose option 1, that you're trolling.

    And so you're concluding wrong, as has been usual for you in this thread.

    > I'm guessing that it is more likely than that you're legally retarded.

    You still fail to see that my curiosity is neither trolling nor retardation. Pity.

    > You get pointed out that you're crying

    And you got pointed out that I'm neither crying nor complaining.

    > over the FPS values from two different computers

    No, identical computer in koszer's case, and better computers in redrumloa's and Cim's cases.

    > with two different graphics cards

    No, identical graphics card in Cim's and koszer's cases, and better graphics card in redrumloa's case.

    > with different Quake 3 settings

    Funny "counter argument", as even with the lowest possible settings the claimed 140 FPS cannot be reached apparently. Trying to mimic the settings applied during the 2010 presentation can thus only lead to even worse results, don't you think?

    > with versions of operating systems that differ by about 2 years

    One would think that during those 2 years of further development the driver has become even better, or kept the same at least, not become worse, right?

    > don't reach exactly the same FPS value, but are different by about 8%.

    2010 result: 140 FPS
    2012 result (as reported by koszer): 78.5 FPS

    According to the math I know, 78.5 is 44% less than 140, and 140 is 78% more than 78.5. How did you arrive at your obscure "8%" figure?

    > could you please start a blog where you can keep crying over it non-stop, please?

    I'm not interesting in starting a blog, and even less so in starting to cry over this matter.

    > Anything to keep your spamming off MorphZone at least.

    Let me suggest you then to simply ignore my postings and keep to threads you're actually able and willing to contribute something substantial to. This thread is apparently none of those.
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