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    > you in at least one other thread have seen the response that for
    > Quake 3 to use the optimal rendering path, you need to type
    > /r_primitives 2 in the Quake 3 console.

    That's correct.

    > If you don't do that, Quake 3 will pick a rendering path that is suboptimal.

    Yes, that's why redrumloa did exactly that I guess. Quote from posting #1:

    "And under Quake 3 (All details maxed out): r_primitives 2"

    As you can see, the comparison is with this option enabled in both cases.

    > You know this already


    > it has been said to you several times.

    No, it was only once:


    > Yet you either choose to ignore it, which makes you a troll, or
    > you're incapable of comprehending said fact, which makes you
    > retarded. Which is it?

    None of that, as I neither ignored it nor non-comprehended it, which everybody can easily see who has at least basic reading comprehension skills. So maybe you want to ask your question to yourself?
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