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    I've just looked into my q3cfg and here's what I've found:


    seta r_primitives "2"

    What do you know? Looks like I don't really need to set it though the console every time I do the benchmark (did you really think I haven't done that in the first place? Moreover - suprise, suprise - redrumloa did just the same, still no 140 FPS though).

    Edit: I've managed to get 78,5 FPS by tweaking some in-game prefs (haven't touched the .cfg file). But still, 78,5 is not 140...

    Edit 2: even more tweaking with .cfg file gave me 102 FPS (no gun, no shadows, no gibs, no gun/ammo 3d models...). All right, maybe 140 is doable, but at a (great) cost.

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