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    > Are you using the executable from MorphOS Files?

    The 140 FPS at 800x600 resolution is what was reported in 2010 by visitors of a show where the new R200 3D drivers were presented in action. Just click on the text of my previous posting and you should know more.

    > It could also be possible that this is a result of the poor
    > Quicksilver RAM benchmarks?

    The 60 FPS result for 800x600 on Mac mini reported by koszer (as well as the 70 FPS reported by Cim on Mac mini in the other thread) doesn't make this appear likely.

    Andreas, I know for a fact that you in at least one other thread have seen the response that for Quake 3 to use the optimal rendering path, you need to type /r_primitives 2 in the Quake 3 console. If you don't do that, Quake 3 will pick a rendering path that is suboptimal. You know this already, it has been said to you several times. Yet you either choose to ignore it, which makes you a troll, or you're incapable of comprehending said fact, which makes you retarded. Which is it?
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