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    @ Amigaharry2
    8 min. ??? then IMO you have same kind of other problem on your System because here it runs 8 secs! Really! And this on an Pegasos2 G4, but I run the program from the shell, you have to enter the directory where PGS5 is located. A lot of stuff work already but some do not at all, like chosing colors, line or/and fill, crashes the system, as well some stuff in prefs. Screen redraw is very slow also...

    @ all
    PageStream 5 isn't usable for now under MorphOS, unfortunately :-(
    In order to get the MorphOS version of PGS 5 out as fast as possible, or at all, Deron would need some help for MUI related stuff from somebody experienced about that.

    Hopefully someone can/would help to get an updated version, after 8 years when PageStream was released, of this excellent DTP program out for our great OS!
    PGS 5 can be used as an word processor as well as it can compete with professionnal software like adobe's indesign. It can be used to create a simply flyer up to brochures and books, posters, etc.

    It's really worth it and it's the ONLY last piece of this kind of software left which run's on MorphOS!

    And it's more or less 1/10 of the price of indisign.
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