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    On the ML PagestreamAmigaBeta, Deron Kazmaier posted yesterday a long message i've copy/pasted here :



    I figured I would post this here first, and maybe a few kind souls would
    spread it around.

    I have done most of the work for the PageStream Amiga version, and we
    have had success here getting people to fire up and run it, but the
    truth is I am just swamped with work and all of this time I have spent
    on the Amiga version has made the rest of my work suffer greatly.

    I am beginning to think that finding someone to help out with the Amiga
    specific code (that would be Classic, OS4, MorphOS and even AROS) would
    be to my advantage in the long run. This person would be responsible for
    working on the MUI (or even later Reaction), and helping with the
    debugging on those platforms. A few MUI classes need to be written, or
    features extended, and general Amiga/MUI debugging.

    Considering the size and sales of the Amiga market, this will certainly
    not be some full time job. More like someone who is an Amiga enthusiast
    who is proficient with MUI, and has free time that they would like to
    profit from. All work would be done over the internet of course.

    I'm flexible with regards to business arrangements. Either flat rate,
    royalties, co-license, or some mix. I wouldn't expect this to net more
    than a few thousand USD, unless by some miracle the Amiga makes a
    significant comeback. I'm not looking to make a profit on the Amiga
    myself at this point, but I won't be taking a loss either.

    The code itself in question is a library layer that sits between
    PageStream itself and the OS. The programmer won't be weeding through
    PageStream code, or even hundreds of requester implementations etc. The
    code is about 3.5mb in total, but that includes the Mac Carbon, Windows
    and Gnome/gtk implementations as well. It compiles on its own, and can
    be tested with the PageStream 5.0 binaries, or a few test apps.

    If any of you have some thoughts on the matter as well, I would love the
    feedback. Maybe I am nuts to even consider this...


    Deron Kazmaier - deron "at" pagestream "dot" org
    Grasshopper LLC Publishing - http://www.pagestream.org
    PageStream DTP for Amiga, Linux, Macintosh, and Windows

    Personaly, i use PGS4.x under MorphOS but an updated version of buggy PGS5.x would be fine !

    near Vesoul (East of France)

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