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    Primax wrote:
    Nope. As written here: https://www.amiga-news.de/en/news/AN-2022-09-00025-EN.html, waiting for the download link of the demo version...

    Downloadlink for the demo is also onlineā€¦

    Yes, but only for users who had already an account. I did not have one and I cannot download the demo.

    nope, follow the downloadlink and enter your name and email, you will get an email with a downloadlink


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    Kleiner Scherzkeks!
    This is exatly, what I have writte in my news article. But I did not get a mail so far because if I enter my name and my mail address, it is said: invalid data.
    So, I guess, it is currently only available for registered users. But I will ask the chief ;)
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