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    On the download link for the full version of PageStream v5.1.2 it states, by the author Deron Kazmaier:

    "This MorphOS release includes substantial contributions by Frank Mariak and is a testament to Frank's and Christoph @ RMS Video's commitment to the MorphOS community. It simply would not have occurred without their efforts."

    Deron has also been "beavering" away together with Frank & Christoph, burning the midnight oil - up for many late nights, making this project a reality for some considerable time now, and it is truly is a credit to them all that this release has happened, as there have been many hurdles to surmount, but between all 3 of them it has been accomplished. 8-D

    There are maybe a few 'tweaks' in the pipeline to get it even more polished, and maybe even a few additions/enhancements being talked about to add to it. Whether these other features will happen soon, or over a somewhat longer period of time, over the next few months, I personally don't know, but it is so far working very well on my iMac A1145. 8-D

    It's definitely a major KUDOS and massive thanks to Frank Mariak (cyfm) & Christoph Poelzl (rms) (and Christoph's son) from me :bloons:
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