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    @ rms - if you have any further updates on this project - PageStream 5 for MorphOS then I'd really be interested to read about it here, or as a P.M. if you don't think it's worthy of putting in the forum.

    You seem to have a lot of specific/selected colours laid out in your object colours palette with the name of the colour beside it, is this a new way of laying them out for ease of selection in v5?

    Are the colour lists re-sizeable, so you can make the colour square larger/text larger and that will resize the other associated colour size or text size?

    Also, are tables handled better than they were in v4?

    What importing and exporting of PDFs have you attempted/had success with?

    What system are you using currently, as I want to be aware of the CPU options and memory requirements if that makes any difference.

    I see all the mini windows all look the same colour, just grey, so how do you know which one is the active one?

    I take it they are all MUI based windows now, so presumably they could be made to display a different colour if they were the active one compared to any of the other windows?

    Is each tool / action window now treated as an independent process, so the parent window is not blocked by a child window having been opened?

    It all seems quite different to the Windows version 5, but then it is so long since I put any trust in that version that I probably have forgotten how it all looks and was laid out anyway. It crashed far too often to get much of a feel for it.

    The document you have on the images seems to have taken a reasonable amount of time to lay out, so how long had it been stable for and did you manage to complete it, and print it out, then, or prior to, save it as a pgs and/or PDF document?
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