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    Hello to all of you waiting for PageStream 5.x for MorphOS,

    I would like to submit some infos about the progress of PageStream 5.x.
    Deron has managed to get Frank Mariak's changes integrated into the online gitea source tree.
    Deron also suggested to do changes organized by fix, then he can push them faster. Ie, changes to fix one problem in one commit. This should also accelerate development.

    There are also a lot of changes which have been made to get a stabler version, with which, though still to slow to work with for production, it is already possible to do some small projects like flyers or folders, etc.

    Also application icons have been redesigned/redrawn as vector graphics (for the MorphOS version).

    And finally a lot adaptions, here and there, in windows behavior, windows content display, icon sizes in those windows, etc, have been made by Frank to push the application further to something working under MorphOS.

    Here are some screengrabs what it looks like on my MorphOS system ;-)




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