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    discreetfx wrote: Hope springs eternal for a new version of Pagestream 5.0 Pro without bugs for MorphOS. I paid for it over 15 years ago so a new update would be nice to have. It’s been a long time, so I’m not holding my breath on that one.

    The only "springs eternal" would be made out of gold and stainless steel - probably !! 8-D

    That wait of 15 years is soon going to be 16 years I suppose, and you'd be a long decayed corpse if you'd held your breath for that amount of time.

    I too am still waiting for Deron Kazmaier to respond to messages from his own PageStream Forum thread on a MorphOS version, but if you look there you'll see no response since ... at all !!

    I did get a response from Deron Kazmaier from the Amiga PageStream 5.x - Realistic future? - AS NO REPLY PGS SUPPORT 7-Dec-2011 thread, but not since 14-July-2020, so I'm not holding my breath either, as the lack of response has been extremely disappointing, especially for Frank Mariak, and Christoph Poelzl as they made such a magnanimous offer to make such efforts, from a MUI and programming standpoint, for the MorphOS PageStream version to at last see the light of day.

    Deron Kazmaier got his wish for a MUI programmer, or 2, but he's yet to find the impetus to complete his side of the deal, espcially as you paid for your non-existent version 15 years ago, and the same for me for my OS3 and OS4 versions that have also never been realised as stable useable versions.

    I'll continue to ask Deron via the forum and via email, but to date he has failed to reply to any of my messages/threads on the topics, which is very disheartening, for me, and all of us who want to see it succeed/get realised.
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