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    Useing PS as registrated user for many years (since I bought my A3000 in 1990).

    Im also testing version, but is'nt very stable (G5, PB,Peg2). It has some window-refreshing problems and Tool-windows are not draggable, prefs window is only horizontal-sizeable and so on......
    During work on slightly complex documents, sometimes it freezes on some operations for a long time or complete (requieres then system reboot).
    This version is also far away to be used professional.

    Version (68K) useing under MOS has also some starting and font issues. Sometimes it starts and sometime in hangs during start.The strange thing: runing SnoopDOS parallel, it starts always complete!! This behaviour occours sometimes on my A3000(060) too. Think there is a conflict between global and local prefs - have'nt figured out till yet.
    Fonts are not found, even though assings are set and fonts are at the right places (directories).

    Only Version 4.0.9 works (nearly) flawless (under MOS).

    To download all versions you have to be a registrated buyer of PS! Then you can see all files on your webbaccount.

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